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Tips for new users

1. Please read instructions completely before you begin

2. Though all Wax-A-Way® ingredients are natural and non-irritating, we do not recommend its use on irritated or injured skin, over varicose veins, moles, or warts

3. Its best to take the time to check for sensitivity by performing a small patch test on the area you intend to treat. Do this test 24 hours before treatment.

4. Practice your technique on legs and arms before progressing to more sensitive areas of the body, such as face or bikini line.

5. If you have previously used razors or depilatory creams, your hair may be irregular, coarse and resistant. It may, therefore, be necessary to wait until hair is about 5mm (1/4 inch) long before waxing. With subsequent use, you’ll find re-growth will be weaker and shorter hairs will be easily removed.

6. If hair is longer than 10mm (1/2 inch), trim back with scissors before waxing.

7. In hot weather, use in front of a fan or air conditioner.